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Series 150E Portable Fuel Primer

ESOC Series 150E offers these features:

  1. 12 Volt DC motor, 20 amp
  2. Pumps, 4 GPM @ 20 PSIG
  3. 12 Ft Discharge hose with:
    • Compucheck fitting
    • Fuel dispenser
  4. 15 Ft Suction hose
  5. 12 Ft Power cord with clamps
  6. 29″ draw tube for anti-siphon fuel tanks
  7. Re-settable fuel meter for billing customer after fuel transfer
  8. On-board 10 Micron fuel filter
  9. Fuel pressure gauge

ESOC Benefits

  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Lightweight
  • Hands free transfer of fuel
  • Safe for operator and environment
  • Hands free priming of fuel modules
  • CALL FOR PRICING  866-909-3762

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The Series 150E is designed to prime a diesel engine that runs out of fuel or after a fuel filter change in a matter of seconds. It primes diesel engines with or without a fuel module.

It can also be used to transfer fuel to a diesel engine that has run out of fuel or for sweeping a vehicles fuel tank.

It is ideal for emergency road side service trucks and only requires a 12 volt D/C power source.

**Product Warning: The Series 150E is only approved for use with diesel fuel. It is not approved for use with gasoline or any other flammable liquids.