Series 250E Fuel Primer System

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Series 250E Fuel Primer System


ESOC Series 250E offers these features:

  1. 110 volt a/c pump
  2. 95 PSI prime pressure for DD13,15,16
  3. Adjustable prime pressure for lower PSI prime
  4. 3-foot fuel tank draw tube for:
    • Transferring Fuel
    • Sweeping Fuel Tanks
  5. Fuel pressure gauge, no guessing on fuel pressure to engine
  6. 10 Micron Water-block fuel filter
  7. Compucheck adapter
  8. Fuel dispenser
  9. 8-foot Fill Hose & 8-foot Suction Hose

ESOC Benefits

  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Safe for both operator and environment
  • Primes fuel system in seconds
  • Eliminates hand priming
  • Eliminates the need for a technician to handle the fluid
  • CALL FOR PRICING  866-909-3762

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ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. in conjunction with Detroit Diesel and other manufacturers has developed a system that meets OEM requirements for high & low pressure fuel system priming as well as reconditioning fuel during filter changes; saving fuel cost.