ESOC Features

  • Fast and clean
  • On-board fuel storage tank
    • Delivers up to 5 minutes of prime at 95 PSI
    • Fill manually or use the engine’s fuel pump
  • Fully pneumatic
  • Portable, in the shop use or on-site using the vehicle’s air supply
  • Eliminates water contamination, utilizing Waterblock filtering technology
  • 95 PSI factory set prime pressure and adjustable priming pressure for lower PSI prime
  • Flow control valve prevents air from entering fuel system when on-board tank is empty
  • Use on any fuel systems

ESOC Benefits

  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Safe for both operator and environment
  • Primes fuel system in seconds
  • Eliminates hand priming
  • Eliminates the need for a technician to handle the fluid
  • Re-use reconditioned fuel from all fuel filters
  • CALL FOR PRICING  866-909-3762

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