Series 950 Oil Change System

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Series 950 Oil Change System

ESOC Features

  • Instant oil pressure
  • Minimal technical involvement
  • Uses ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. “Spill Free” quick connect drain fitting, which ensures a clean “No Mess” operation
  • Optional Management Controls
  • Electronic fresh oil dispensing controller (Quarts or liters)
  • No more oil drain pans needed

ESOC Benefits

  • Pre-lubed engine
  • No contamination of oil sample
  • CALL FOR PRICING  866-909-3762

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The Series 950 is a revolutionary system that dramatically reduces your labor time and costs. It keeps your vehicles out of the shop and on the job. In addition, it is safer for your technicians and better for the environment. don’t waste any more valuable time changing the conventional way. With our Quick Oil Change Technology, 100 gallons (385 liters) can be changed in about 30 minutes

ESOC uses air to purge the used oil from the engine’s filter and oil passages while the oil pan is being evacuated. Fresh oil is then introduced under pressure through the filter and the oil passages, priming the engine. But speed and productivity aren’t ESOC’s only advantages; look as some benefits listed below.

The Series 950 is extremely fast.