• ESOC Features

    • Patented Filtration Process
    • Dual Filter System
      • 10 Micron Water Separation Filter
      • 10 Micron Full Flow Filter
    • Interchangeable Filter Packs
      • Hydraulic Fluids
      • Engine Oil
      • Gear Lube
      • Automatic Transmission fluids and more...
    • Differential Gauges to let you know when your filters need changed
    • ESOC quick disconnects for fluid systems
    • Digital Flow Meter
    • Sampling Port
    • Pneumatic
    • Capacity - 75 Gallons per cycle

    ESOC Benefits

    • Maximizes Fluid Life
    • Filters 98% of lubricants in system
    • Clean - keeps fluid contained
    • Portable - in shop, on-site, or on service vehicles
    • Filters 44 Quarts of engine oil in approx. 5 minutes
    • CALL FOR PRICING ¬†866-909-3762

    5000-FS2 Brochure (pdf)
  • ESOC Features

    • Uses ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. patented "Spill Free" quick connect drain fittings, which ensures a clean "No Mess" operation
    • Oil Sampler provides uncontaminated sample
    • Usability on-site in a facility or off-site in a service vehicle
    • Fully pneumatic; requires only connections to shop air and waste oil tank
    • 25 foot Hose Reel; optional 50 foot Hose Reel available

    ESOC Benefits

    • Evacuates 40 quarts of oil in about 10¬†minutes.
    • Saves on average 15 minutes compared to using conventional gravity drain method
    • No emptying or spilling of large waste oil pans
    • Automatic shut off when oil pan is empty
    • Frees up technician to perform other tasks
    • CALL FOR PRICING ¬†866-909-3762

    Series 800 Brochure (pdf)
    Series 800 Retrofit Master List (pdf)