Who is ESOC

ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. is committed to changing down time into road time with patented technologies for fluid management for heavy and light duty diesel engines utilizing state of the art systems that are one of a kind.

ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. was founded in 1992 by Dr. Ram Bedi and the company continues to strive to bring world class technology to customers. Vivek Bedi became the CEO in 2011 and has worked successfully with marketing and selling the ESOC technology globally and throughout the United States and Canada. ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. currently has expanded its reach to South America, Sub Sahara, and the Asian Pacific Rim.

Initially, Dr. Bedi developed a solution for oil changes for Class 6, 7 and 8 engines. Dr. Bedi has since developed many patented solutions for preventative maintenance for the oil change process, diesel fuel filter process, and coolant extraction and refilling.

ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. received the National Inventors Award -1993.


The ESOC Team

Vivek Bedi, CEO | 2011 – Present

Vivek began his career with ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. in 1997. In 2006 Vivek was promoted to Managing Director of Operations; this expanded his responsibilities to develop a management structure which enabled the company to streamline manufacturing. Vivek was successful in implementing a global sales and marketing plan for our patented technology during this time as well. Under Vivek’s direction ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. has continued to create solutions for changing fluids for heavy and light duty diesel engines from transportation to mining (on highway and off highway applications).

In 2011 Vivek was named CEO by the Board of Directors with the Mission to expand the application and acceptance of the ESOC patented technology globally through a network of quality distributors and other marketing channel providers.

Vivek received a BSE in Chemical Engineering from Hope College 1982. “Changing Down Time into Road Time”.

Dr. Ram Bedi, Founder | Deceased

RamDr. Bedi was doing oil changes at his home and it bothered him a great deal that the only way to dispose of this used old oil was to pour it in the sewer. This process troubled him terribly as the old, used oil was making its way to the ground water and he was concerned about the environment, not just at that time but for future generations to come. He developed an oil change process that not only saved time but prevented oil being emptied onto the ground or prevented the oil from touching the operator’s hands and at the same time, saved the environment.

In 1984, after years of research and development, Dr. Bedi founded the company on the premise of promoting a fast, clean process technology for oil changes for all diesel engines but since then has developed many other solutions for diesel fuel recycling and coolant extraction and refilling systems as well. Today, ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. has over 60 patents.

Dr. Bedi continually strove to do research and development for new products to bring to the market place that will not only make the operator’s preventative maintenance job less time consuming,as well as keep the workplace clean and most importantly, take care of our environment. He is truly missed.

Michele Collins, Business Manager | 2004 – Present