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Series 800 Oil Change System

ESOC Features

  • Uses ESOC Commercial Truck, Inc. patented “Spill Free” quick connect drain fittings, which ensures a clean “No Mess” operation
  • Oil Sampler provides uncontaminated sample
  • Usability on-site in a facility or off-site in a service vehicle
  • Fully pneumatic; requires only connections to shop air and waste oil tank
  • 25 foot Hose Reel; optional 50 foot Hose Reel available

ESOC Benefits


    • Evacuates 40 quarts of oil in about 10 minutes.
    • Saves on average 15 minutes compared to using conventional gravity drain method
    • No emptying or spilling of large waste oil pans
    • Automatic shut off when oil pan is empty
    • Frees up technician to perform other tasks

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SKU: 80-000


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Develop GREEN fluid exchange technologies for preventative maintenance of heavy
and light duty engines that are fast, minimize truck down time & convenient for
the technician to perform ~ Ram D. Bedi, Founder

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